QuantiumX lets you define exactly who is able to join your list. Allow everyone, or set requirements. It's all part of our effort to fill your list with real collectors, not bots.​

With our launchpad, you can upload your assets and layers effortlessly and prepare them to be generated using metadata. Next, preview everything and tweak the rarities/traits for all assets and layers. Confirm the preview and you're ready for the mint page!

Our mint page is easy-to-use and is custom built to provide the highest quality experience. A simple drag-and-drop tool lets you visually customize your mint page to look exactly as you want!


Minimum ETH Balance: Check to make sure the user has enough ETH to afford the mint.​

Password: Share a secret password with your community.​

Twitter Auth: Require a user to verify their Twitter account or follow your account.​

Discord Membership: Require that a user is in a certain server or has a specific role.​

NFT Ownership: Verify that the user owns a token from a specific collection.​

ReCAPTCHA: Fight bots with the industry standard reCAPTCHA experience.​

Other Features​

  • Customize the design of your registration page.​

  • Export a list of all the entries via CSV anytime you want to.​

  • Encourage users to promote your list by tweeting after registration.​​

  • Set specific times for people to be able to sign up for your list.​​

  • Set a maximum number of entries so your list stays manageable.​

  • See all the traffic to your page by integrating Google Analytics.​

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