How Does It Work?​

The share rate is used for calculating each user’s individual share among the entirety of QTMX tokens that are being given away as staking rewards, and will be explained in detail further on. Users holding 5,000 QTMX or above are assigned a base share rate of x1. Users holding 50,000 QTMX or above are assigned a base share rate of x2. Users with less than 5,000 QTMX do not participate in the staking reward program (base share rate = 0)​

Staking period (from one payday to the next) is one month, during which the minimum of 5,000 QTMX / 50,000 QTMX needs to be held at all times. When a user’s balance drops below one of those threshold values, the share rate is adjusted / nullified for the current staking period. Previously accumulated rewards that have not yet been claimed do not expire. Each 15th of the month, rewards are calculated and made available to participating users to be claimed directly (and only) through quantum finance website. ​

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