Holders' Fee Income​

Smart contract ensures that 50% of QTMX's generated fee (QPad presale fee and NFT Marketplace sales fee) are used to buy back and burn QTMX tokens. Other %50 fee will be distributed QTMX holders.​

50% of all fees from NFT sales will be distributed to holders.​

QPAD New Token Presale Fee​

1 BNB + %2 of Tokens Sold + %2 of BNB Raised​

NFT Marketplace Fee​

Our NFT market has the lowest fees in the NFT space! We take a flat 2% fee on all sales, and there are no service charges for buyers.​

NFT LaunchPAD Fee

  • 5% of the ETH/BNB fees will go into a ‘NFT Fund’ wallet, which the QuantumX DAO will use to purchase and AIRDROP FREE NFT’s to tier holders.

  • 1% of this tax will go to a wallet which will be used for QTMX token buybacks and burns.

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