Staking And HodL

In order to facilitate maximum safety while at the same time minimizing transaction costs, our staking calculation takes place through an quantum-internal software developed specifically for tracking and managing on-chain events off the chain.​

At the end of each staking period, followed by payday, the staking rewards are introduced into a smart contract and made available for claiming.​

Holders Rewards​

In-Wallet Staking

Oftentimes, when taking part in a crypto project’s staking program, one is required to lock tokens inside a smart contract. We at QTMX want to give our community the best possible service & experience, so we thought that through — And came up with a model for staking rewards that’s both safer and easier to use than the previously established standard. ​

When locking tokens in a smart contract for any sort of bonus program the worst case that can happen is getting both your tokens and your a reward taken from you. ​​

Without that, the absolute worst case is getting no reward at all — Still not something desirable, and something that’ll never happen with QTMX, but we prefer not forcing our users to trust us (or anyone else) more than they absolutely have to. In order to operate as trustlessly as possible, QTMX lets everyone with more than a certain amount of QTMX in their wallet automatically participate in our staking program. It’s a simple as that! ​

Good to know: You don't need to lock your tokens for staking, just keep them in your wallet.

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